Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Is it you?

Assalam diary,
Well smlm i ada join 1 chatroom ni.
Downloaded from playstore called chatimity something like that.

Saje je nak cari kawan baru dunia baru contact busines yg baru.
Then tgh update profile dalam tu tiba2 got someone pm-ed me.

Well we just say hello hai etc etc in english.sebab masing2 nama mcm english kan.yg aku thelittlelady yang dia alienware mcm ghitu.

But at last he asked me " are you malaysian? " well actually its stated in my profile already but malas baca la tuh hehe.

And i say "yes i am.and you ? "

Then he replied " ohh i dari ? "

Then we were laughing together and lepastu masing2 cakap melayu je nyaah.takde nak bajet2 cover omputih sangatt LULS.

So we were talking since yesterday and until todayy.earlier in the morning dah pm kita tanya psl kerja etc etc.

So sedar tak sedar 1 hari kami contact and borak2. Sambil kerja sambil pm-ing.
27 old guy as a graphic designer . Well hello kawann.nice to meet you hehee.

Oke thats not the main point lah of this post here.
Actually im trying to say is sepanjang kami berborak tu,he looks exactly like you. Resembles alot like you.

The way he write,
The way he use his emoticon,
The way his teasing me with stupid funny lawak yang tak menjadi,
The way he pronounced certain words.

He is just like you.
And i cant lie to myself that i am missing youu.
I hope that its you.
Again,only you.

But then when i decided to delete the apps,he asked me to continue the chats elsewhere. So yeah i gve his my qr code for wechat.definitely not numbers lah haiyooo baru kenal nak bg fon number tu buang tebiat namanya.

Kalau itu zaman ruangansaya or mukabuku or kawanster or bentukbulatan or tagged or or or,mungkin la i'll be naive and gedik to give those.

But now im already 24 yaww. Not repeating the same mistakes again hewheww.

And lastly he wechat-ing me and with full of dissapointment,he say his name is paan and not you.

How i wish its you.haih i cant deny that i miss you. Alot of you.

Well,its oke.i may try to mingling with some other new friend. Hopefully i'll be forgetting you and who knows i'll meet my jodoh here.

Who knows.only ALLAH knows :)

Bersangka baik atas dugaanNYA.
Semoga akan mendapat yg lebih baik insyaALLAH.

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