Thursday, June 18, 2015

Its the time

Waiting for us to be better.
But now i do realised that youre better without me.
Its hard to accept.

I even tried to approach you.
And you did respond to me.
But the feeling wasnt there anymore.
Its hurt. But i'll pray for you.

Love doesnt necessarily has to be together.
Love is when youre trying to make your special one happy.
Including to let them go.

I am,
Letting go of you.
But the memories wont fade.

Terima kasih for everything that we've been through for all these years. Ive tried so hard end up i am the one who suffer. Its time for me to let it all go.for real.

And open my heart to start a fresh relationship that will never connects with my previous life.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Is it you?

Assalam diary,
Well smlm i ada join 1 chatroom ni.
Downloaded from playstore called chatimity something like that.

Saje je nak cari kawan baru dunia baru contact busines yg baru.
Then tgh update profile dalam tu tiba2 got someone pm-ed me.

Well we just say hello hai etc etc in english.sebab masing2 nama mcm english kan.yg aku thelittlelady yang dia alienware mcm ghitu.

But at last he asked me " are you malaysian? " well actually its stated in my profile already but malas baca la tuh hehe.

And i say "yes i am.and you ? "

Then he replied " ohh i dari ? "

Then we were laughing together and lepastu masing2 cakap melayu je nyaah.takde nak bajet2 cover omputih sangatt LULS.

So we were talking since yesterday and until todayy.earlier in the morning dah pm kita tanya psl kerja etc etc.

So sedar tak sedar 1 hari kami contact and borak2. Sambil kerja sambil pm-ing.
27 old guy as a graphic designer . Well hello kawann.nice to meet you hehee.

Oke thats not the main point lah of this post here.
Actually im trying to say is sepanjang kami berborak tu,he looks exactly like you. Resembles alot like you.

The way he write,
The way he use his emoticon,
The way his teasing me with stupid funny lawak yang tak menjadi,
The way he pronounced certain words.

He is just like you.
And i cant lie to myself that i am missing youu.
I hope that its you.
Again,only you.

But then when i decided to delete the apps,he asked me to continue the chats elsewhere. So yeah i gve his my qr code for wechat.definitely not numbers lah haiyooo baru kenal nak bg fon number tu buang tebiat namanya.

Kalau itu zaman ruangansaya or mukabuku or kawanster or bentukbulatan or tagged or or or,mungkin la i'll be naive and gedik to give those.

But now im already 24 yaww. Not repeating the same mistakes again hewheww.

And lastly he wechat-ing me and with full of dissapointment,he say his name is paan and not you.

How i wish its you.haih i cant deny that i miss you. Alot of you.

Well,its oke.i may try to mingling with some other new friend. Hopefully i'll be forgetting you and who knows i'll meet my jodoh here.

Who knows.only ALLAH knows :)

Bersangka baik atas dugaanNYA.
Semoga akan mendapat yg lebih baik insyaALLAH.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

the DUFF

Assalam and good night everybody, HAHA !

Seems like most people are either sleeping, online dating, dreaming, or even m****ng shesshhh :p

Well well its been a tough day for me. Its about work that cant be settled ASAP, a drowning love story who cant cope up with me for yeah, a long time. not even ONCE for this hmm let me think. For thiis particularly 6 years that i cant hold on with my love line.

Being dumped, dumping and hell yeah maybe dumpling too LOL such a lame joke.

Oh no, Not talking about sadness or weakness or whatever of my life story, but im here just to review a SMART, DAMN, TOUCHED, WELL ORGANIZED OF STORY LINE and of course WHAT AN AWESOME LESSONS AND IMPACT THAT I CAN LEARN FROM THIS MOVIE.

Let me go straight forward girls

Have you feel like such a loser just because youre not pretty ? YES IM TALKING TO YOU GIRL.
You think that everyone likes you because youre approachable and easy to go with ? But in the end, they just used you up to get something bigger. Like TRYING TO FLIRT WITH YOUR FRIENDS  BESTFRIENDS ?
Oh hey, dont ever forget of being such a weirdo person in a big bunch of normal people that think theyre hot enough to claim you as the DUFF. 

Welll actually theyre more and more characteristics of what DUFF is. To be fair, let me give you the definition of what DUFF is. Hello this is not hilary duff nor hayley duff etc etcc. Its just the DUFF. If their father's name is duff, most probably their father did act like THE DUFF when he was young hoho tak sayang mulut punya statement :p

These are some examples of what the DUFF means :

Designated Ugly Fat Friend
Two hot chicks at a bar will have a really nasty fat ugly bitch hanging out with them, refered to as a "DUFF". 
"Wow that fat DUFF is hanging out with those two attractive ladies, too bad."
by Cobra January 26, 2003

Designated Ugly Fat Friend.
That 3rd girl is definitely the duff of the group.
by G January 02, 2004

An abbreviation for 'Designated Ugly Fat Friend'. Often in many large groups of women (usually adolecents) there will be a D.U.F.F. as a means to look better by comparison.
I only hang out with her becuase I need a D.U.F.F., otherwise, she'd be, so, history.
by B.a.m December 20, 2005

A unattractive female who is always seen with another female who is marginally more attractive. It is usually impossible to score with the hotter female without the duff receiving her fair share of the action.
Damn! I so wanna tap that chick.. but goddamn, she always has that duff Nicole hanging off her. Look at that fat mess!
by Steve0 August 20, 2004

The Designated (/Dumb) Ugly Fat Friend. 
The cock-blocking friend of the hot chick you're trying to hook up with, often the target of the wingman.
I was totally in with this chick and then her D.U.F.F. totally cock-blocked me! 
I'll take her, while you distract her D.U.F.F.!
by Victory2FuManchu September 07, 2006

A term that was popular in the early 2000's and is an acronym for "designated ugly fat friend." In modern day, this term is only used by douches who can't keep up with current slang, and by stupid ass middle schoolers who think they are the shit because of the 2015 movie of the same title that attempted to resurrect the term and make it "cool."
Stupid Person 1: Why is that ugly bitch hanging out with those hot girls? 
Stupid Person 2: She must be the DUFF.
by yoloswagturnupyoo February 27, 2015 << this is new definition of the DUFF after the movie was release <<

So, the short meaning of DUFF is Designated Ugly Fat Friends which means in malays KAWAN YANG HODOH GEMUK DIREKA UNTUK MENDAMPINGI SI CANTIK DAN SI HOTSSSS. hewhew what a mean terms to call to a person right ? Dayyum this scenario always happen in high school overseas. But, this also happen in Malaysia. Most in urban area like damansara, bangsar and so so soo.

I dont really think the duff is there . not even exist but after i watched this movie, it recalls me to all the scenes and surrounding of hot chicks and duff chicks. Heyyyo we dont call duff as a chicks as theyre only weirdos babyy LOL.

 Back then, i used to have duff friend. And she was being a duff because she wasnt smart, not attractive, cant talk well, cant socialized according to situations and hmmm kind of shy and quiet person. But she was very approachable.

Omg, apa je lah aku treat my pity sweet girl as a duff before. i did recall my past before and i swear, those time were cruel to her. Oh daku sangat la merasa terbesalah dalam hal keinian ehehehe rosak bahasa jiwa bangsa ni. 

Oke forget about me AGAIN  *puffff tolong lah cerita pasal hal lain pulak asik lah cerita pasal hal sendiri all over again. Kau ingat kau hotz sangat sampai org nak tahu cerita kau je. eh HELLO JEMAH tak sedar diri taw * monolog ku di dalam hati krik krikk.

So, this duff movie is really cool. 
Bet you it is !

It come at the right time when i am down * balik2 hal kau lagik sheshh * 
But really, this DUFF makes me laugh like a crazy person. Really tickles my jantung paru paru sampai kegelian hingga ke urat kentut paling dalam sekali.

This definitely so called awesome, inspirable, meaningful, thinkerbell movie created to all of us yang ada rendah diri tahap maksima.

Yang dirinya weirdo dan mahu diterima orang lain HANYA KERANA MENDENGAR CAKAP2 ORG LAIN TENTANG DIRINYA.

Yang rasa diri tu takkan cantik sebab sekarangg dia sgt ugly duck yang dipulaukan hemoo hemooo even oleh family sendiri. awhh so sad.

Yang ada mcm2 insecurities yang sangat mengganggu gugat dirinya, oh hello meh sini layan movie the duff ni with me. i wouldnt mind watching this all over again BUT NOT LIKE STRAIGHT DAY IN A ROW macam astro first tu buat when we purchased a movie. duk la ulang tayang tanpa ada henti dan penat lelah mengulang ulang ulangggg sampai tv meletop baru benti stop no more movie ulang dan ulanggg sampai eh meluat duk ulang ulang. padahal sendiri beli movie yang mmg khas untuk tayangan ulang ulanng. AND WHAT THE H**L AM I GOING TO TYPE THIS ULANG ULANG over again. sampai bila dan bila urgh dah terkena badi ulang ulangg. SO OKE STOP BOUT ***** *****

Cerita ni best ada beberapa sebab. nak tahu apa sebab dia ? 

check this out !

1. this movie has a very tough macho build up muscle and sweet man. shisshhh he really makes me melt. awwhhhh only if i can get one hewheww malu titewwww gatai sangatt nampaknyew :p 
Siap gooogle lagi siapa gerangan this boy sebab nampak familiar and oke. found him. unfortunately dia ada girlfriend yang  tua setahun daripada dia. ohhhh tak acii sob sob.

2.People who thinks that they are perfect, IS NOT ALWAYS PERFECT. yeah hadamkan ini sedalam dalamnya buddy. Selaluny, orang yang rasa / pretend depa ni perfect adalah seorang yang mempunyai kadar insecurities yang paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaling terdalam sekali. Tak percaya ? you have to. Sebab tu bila orang usik je dia sikit, dia punya melenting tuuu hamboii mcm nak gegor dunia ni sebab dia memang pantang diusik. Mereka berpura utk jadi yang paling perfect. Konon hot, konon stylo, konon bijak, konon kaya konon cantik dan berkonon konon lagi . But deep down inside, they just want to hide and buried kelemahan yang ada dalam diri sendiri / persekitaran mereka. Sebagai contoh, pernah jadi mangsa rogol, keluarga berantakan, selalu tak dapat kasih sayang tulus mulus suci bersih ( people always befriend with them because of their range of hotzzzz status ) Depa ni jadi rebel. jadi Ego sebab nak sembunyikan perasaan kecewa dalam diri sendiri. Sadis kan ? hmm amik iktibar eheh.

3. People who thinks that they are weird,non socialized person, lives in a strange world,style freak, class clown atau apa saja panggilan utk kaum yang lemah ni, tak semestinya akan berada dlm keadaan sebegitu. In fact, they will be very different from others and maybe most wanted di kemudian hari. Sebagai contoh, the Bianca in this movie dapat tackle the macho man that ive  mentioned above. Siapa sangka. Orang lelaki sebenarnya suka perempuan yg beridentiti diri sendiri tanpa meniru sesiapa pun. Dan mungkin mereka akan lebih bahagia di kemudian hari meninggalkan those hot chicks alone thinking of what they really wannabe in their life besides menggedik and flirts with people haha ! 

Ada beberapa lagi point yang boleh diketengahkan dalam movie ni. Tapi since i dah ngantuk maka i'll make is short to you guys about the film.And yes sila sila tonton movie ni untuk kesedaran bersama sama.

But ingin diingatkan, this movie contains few scenes that errr NOT-SO-SESUAI-UNTUK-TONTONAN-BUDAK-SEKOLAH-TANPA-PENGAWASAN-MAK-BAPAK tapi takde la banyakk. Cuma ada terexcited here and theree heheh :D

So here are some of the movie's poster yang i sempat google sikit2 tadi. Rajin betul marketing department depa ni buat sampai puluh2 poster for one movie. Salute lah kita punn :)

pic ni besaw sikit sebab kita paling suka this poster as the actor is so

maka sampai sini dulu sahaja daku menaip kerana seharian bekerja gigih menaip maka pada waktu malamnya time to enjoy movie and also running man. hihi.

Till then, see ya babyy muahh !